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How To Remove Avast From Windows 10?

Posted by Jack, on 11:05 PM

Avast antivirus/internet security is one of the most popular security products in the market these days. Due to its greater performance, it has been awarded A+ rating in the following test carried out by AV-comparatives. No doubt, its presence makes your computer much safer by blocking malicious code and other form or viruses. Despite its much versatility, sometimes, you face many glitches with this, there may be various causes behind this but whatever the cause is, totally removing its software from your computer and reversing this process could fix most of the issues.

There could be little variation in this process with the different versions of operating system, so here the experts at Avast Technical Support Canada have described it for the Windows 10.

First Of All, Execute This Task With Window Add/Remove Program

  • Reboot your computer when it is currently switched on, press f8 as soon as the brand logo appears on the computer screen. It will take you to the BIOS option.
  • Select the safe mode by using directional arrows on the keyboard and hit the Enter. Computer started booting the window; click the start menu when it is done.
  • Open the control panel and double-click on “Add and Remove”, you may find the other similar options, just choose the appropriate one. It will take you to the complete list of the installed program.
  • Select the Avast product and double-click and choose the option “Remove program” the program will be removed soon.

Force Uninstall The Avast Product Using Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller is quite helpful to uninstall any of the corrupted and half-uninstalled programs that window uninstall/install program can’t. Its powerful scan engine inspects the whole system to detect and remove its associated files.

  • Download one such tool named “Avastclear.exe”. For this, open your browser and just put the name there and download it from the “Avast uninstall utility”.
  • Save the files when it is downloaded and again start the computer in the safe mode. Launch this utility and browse all the security software files and click. Restart your computer when it is done.

Get Your Issues Resolved Regarding This Antivirus At Avast Support

Antivirus software is useful until the glitches hit the security suite itself. Those all issues are not the same; some of the glitches are complex enough that you need the assistance of experts. In that case, get the help from our certified, experienced and most talented security experts via toll-free Avast Support Number Canada +1-877-705-0007 in all sorts of issues you face with this security suite. Our experts will make sure, that your problems would be sorted out with the optimal solution within the shortest period of time.

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