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How To Disable Avast Antivirus?

Posted by Jack, on 11:05 PM

Avast Antivirus notification/alert is at times a threat. The infuriation occurs while being in a professional meeting giving presentation and the alert pops-up all through the screen making the whole environment flustered. It’s possible to deactivate them or put it in off state.

  • Switch on the silent mode by opening the Avast application installed at the desktop.
  • Move to its settings and go to verify the silent status.
  • Access to general settings and move to customization.
  • Now open the software updater option from the drop-down menu and uncheck the notification bar.

In case you need a specific pop-up to be disabled or deactivated, you may go through the premium model or version of the software and purchase the same. It will allow you to choose the alerts that have to be eradicated right now. It’s very easy to take a trial there and download it from the website

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