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How To Disable Avast Antivirus On A Temporary And Permanent Basis?

Posted by Jack, on 11:05 PM

There comes a time when you don’t want the unnecessary ads and pop-ups from your antivirus while you are operating for some important business work. Also, the blockage of infected site feature can sometimes hamper a lot to the user. With this sort of infuriation, a user wants to remove this antivirus from the system. Consult Avast Support Canada if you want answers to any other related queries like how to update or how to connect it to different files or initiate the termination of advertisements. We are available at one’s convenience for assistance and providing the directions to the troubled Avast users.

How To Disable It Permanently?

  • Open your PC and click on Avast Antivirus.
  • You may get access to it by clicking on its icon or going through the selection of opening the user interface.
  • Move for its configuration by selecting the troubleshooting icon
  • Hold the Control plus Alt plus delete key on your keyboard and choose the managing task
  • When the process is headed up, there and then choose the Avast Antivirus to end the task

As every cloud has a silver lining, Avast undoubtedly protects your system from malware, spyware and various virus attacks. You also have an option of temporary disabling it so that you are able to activate it again when requisite.

How To Temporary Disable It?

  • Open your software and go to protect it by moving towards the core shields. You can move to the settings and then to the components where you will see a list of the shield.
  • From the options, locate the one you want to be disabled. Four options will be displayed on the screen which will indicate the time period till you want it to be disabled.
  • Check if the switch has turned off or not. If the yellow alert is shown on the screen indicating it is off, then you have successfully made the changes

If you need to enable it again, you may do it by hitting the green button to switch it on which will display your protection alert. Just remember that with the above two methods, your PC is in danger. Think twice before doing so and if you need an expert’s help, they are just a call away. Reach them by dialing our Avast Customer Support Canada Number +1-877-705-0007 to get the details of how and what is its importance.

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